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Getting Started With Coaching


What is Coaching?

Coaching refers to a relationship between a two people where the coach's purpose is to help their clients unlock their fullest potential in order to maximize their performance and achieve success in what ever goal or challenge the client is facing.   

For me, Trust, Responsibility, and Action make up the foundation of my coaching relationships, and are critical to their success. 

Trust: I look to create a trusting, non-judgemental space for my clients to dream big and without limitations, as well as to go deep an uncover and reframe the very beliefs that are holding them back.


Responsibility: My clients learn that responsibility and ownership of their lives leads to empowerment. They have the ability to shape their reality to align with their values, which in turn creates the space for them to live more authentic lives.

Action: While unpacking our baggage is important, my coaching is built on taking actionable steps towards our goals. I believe that big life changes are a culmination of smaller, often seemingly insignificant, steps, but it is in these small steps that our confidence and momentum grows.


How Does It Work?

After you schedule your free 30-minute consultation, I will send you a quick preliminary questionnaire so I can better understand your current challenges or goals you are interested in tackling together. 

During our introductory call, we will get to know each other a bit better to make sure the relationship is the right fit for the both of us. I will take you through my coaching style, what you can expect from our experiences together, and what my expectations of you are. We will dive into your particular challenge(s) or goal(s), and align on the first goal(s) we will work on together. Often I will leave you with homework before your first sessions with me so that we start your transformation journey right away! 

Once our coaching sessions begin, we will meet every 2-3 weeks in order to keep up momentum and continue to make real progress towards your goals. The number of sessions we will have will depend on what you feel you need and the progress you make towards your goal. We will do various activities together depending on your challenge, with each session ending with "homework" that we agree upon together to be completed before your next session


Finally, once you feel as though you have successfully completed your goal, or you have the momentum you need to continue on your own, we will complete our first coaching chapter together. But this doesn't have to mean the end! Throughout our sessions, we will regularly keep a 'Parking Lot' of other goals or challenges we could tackle next together, and if you choose, we can continue to one of those, or we can take a break until you want to reengage again!


My Coaching Style

I believe in a collaborative approach to coaching, and I put an emphasis on co-creating with my clients their roadmap to success. I love to use visual tools such as MURAL (a digital whiteboard) to map out client's challenges and goals, and work through various challenges and exercises, so that at the end you can see how much we have accomplished together. Most importantly, it is important for me to give my clients the life-long tools they can use beyond our coaching engagement and help them become self-motivating so that they no longer need me to achieve their goals.


My coaching methodology developed over the years to include both classical coaching methodologies such as the GROW model and systematic coaching, and also non-traditional methodologies inspired by eastern and western philosophies. I take inspiration from many places, including yogic or shamanic traditional rituals, modern psychology & therapeutic approaches, workshop facilitation & design thinking methodologies, or often exercises I have designed to support my in my own journey.  



Green and Purple Succulents
"Working with Kelsey helped me find a more structured way to not only to recognise how I'm feeling in a difficult moment, but how to address my challenge in the way that works for me."

- Nathelly, 30, Innovation Specialist

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