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My Story | Certified Confidence & Authenticity Coach

Personal Life Coaching Session

For over 30 years, I felt like I was fundamentally flawed...

From the outside, I looked like I had it all together, but deep down, I felt lost and was deeply afraid to bring my authentic self to the world. 

My challenge started the day I was born. I was born with a Large Congenital Nevus that covered the right side of my face, and since then, I have undergone nearly 20 surgeries to remove and reconstruct my face. 


All things considered, I thought I carried the weight of my trauma and experiences well. I developed an elaborate toolkit to cope with the daily struggle of being different. 


But if I was being truly honest with myself, I built walls around myself that not only kept other out, but kept the real me in.

Kelsey Wesley Certified Spiritual Coach

Sometimes the most meaningful adventure you will embark on is the one to better know yourself

"Because of my own lived experiences, I realised I was the perfect partner in helping others face their own challenges."

I stumbled into coaching the same way many of you have stumbled upon this page: I was looking for answers and guidance in my own life, as to how could I stop pretending and performing in my every day, and finally learn how live in alignment with who I really am.


I had explored many types of mind, body, and spiritual practices, as well as classic therapy, all of which have been instrumental in my personal growth. However, as I grew, I began to recognise that my calling was much greater than my own healing.


After completing a life-coaching certification program, I quickly realized that because of my own lived experiences I could be the perfect partner in helping others face their what ever might be holding them back, and that the very traumas and struggles I spend so many years running from could be the very thing that helped me live a more aligned and authentic life.

From there, my passion for coaching emerged, and I never looked back. 


More About Me

I am passionate about pursuing growth and evolution in my own life, and I always bring my learnings to enrich the coaching experience for my clients.



☼ Bachelors in International Business & German Language

☼ Life Coach Certificate - Achology: The Academy for Modern Applied Psychology

☼ 8+ Years workshop facilitiation, team development, & public speaking  as a transformation and strategy consultant with major Tech company



☼ Spin instructor & motivational speaker at Blackbike in Munich

☼ Certified Yoga Teacher: 200hrs Durgas Tiger School in Ecuador 

☼ Vegan for 6+ years

☼ My love languages are cooking, dancing, singing, hugging, touching, and everything inbetween 



☼ Dedicated meditation practitioner


☼ Spiritually curious about eastern and western spiritual practices

☼ Avid reader on topis like psychology & spirituality, Neuroscience, Applied Tantric Wisdom

☼ Poetry writer, pottery maker, and all round creative

Let's Connect!

I am looking forward to getting to know the real you.

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