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Kelsey Wesley Life Coaching Munich

Helping you build lasting self-love and confidence to finally live the life you've always desired

Certified Personal Performance & Life Coach
in Munich, Germany & beyond  

Nice to Meet You!

I'm Kelsey!

And I am a certified life coach based out of Munich, Germany. My purpose is to not only help others find peace, love and acceptance for themselves, but to learn how to bring that love out into the world.!

Together, we will tackle the real challenges & problems that are holding you back from living your most authentic life. Regardless of whether they are personal or professional, we will dive in together to gain clarity on your dreams, goals, and ambitions. We will explore what is really holding you back, and we will co-create your path forward towards the life you have always wanted to live. Whether you are trying to achieve a major life goal like moving abroad, make a challenging decision like changing careers, or simply trying to get unstuck and follow your life’s purpose, I am here to be your coach, your cheerleader, your accountability partner, and everything in-between.  

Kelsey Wesley Certified Life Coach

Topics That Set My Heart on Fire

Areas & Themes I Specialise In

Life's Transitions


☼ Moving & Living Abroad

☼ Changing Jobs & Careers

☼ Returning from Parental Leave

Self Confidence


☼ Body Image & Self Acceptance

☼ Self Love & Worthiness

☼ Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Wholistic & Authentic Living


☼ Work-Life Balance

☼ Self-care & Boundaries

☼ Finding Purpose & Living Authentically


"You don't need to be fearless to make changes in your life. You need to trust yourself enough to be willing to take the risk despite the fear."

" My most important takeaway from this coaching is self-confidence and that it's okay to have fears and doubts. Kelsey helped me figure out what's important to me, what I value, and what I want to focus on. I can only recommend her coaching! "

- Julia, 27, Executive Assistant

" Kelsey was great in listening to the challenges I was having, she made it such a safe space and helped me through the coaching at a pace that worked for me with no rush at all."

- Nathelly, 31, Innovation Specialist

" Kelsey's way of looking at things very inspiring and helpful to break out of your own thought carousel. These are not just random suggestions, but ideas that really help you think differently about your situation. "

- Anonymous, 30, Television

The Authenticity Feed

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