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Say goodbye to not feeling like you’re enough!

It’s time to BLOOM into your most beautiful, authentic self!

Build unshakable self-confidence, and embrace your true authenticity while fostering deep relationships with women just like you.

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A course in confidence & authenticity 


Welcome to BLOOM – a group experience for strong, courageous women like you!

Are you ready to blossom into your most confident, authentic self and live a life filled with purpose and joy? This program will help you get back to who you are & help you become the confident, beautiful woman you were born to be!

Do these sound like you?

Have you lost sight of who you are beyond your job or achievements?​


Are you exhausted because you never feeling beautiful enough, smart enough, skinny enough, fit enough, etc.​ 


Do you feel drained from trying to fulfill all roles and expectations for others?


​Have you been stressed for so long that relaxation feels unfamiliar?


Do you feel like you have lost your connection to your intution and feel disconnected from your inner-knowing?


Do you sometimes feel lonely, and like like no one really knows or sees the real YOU?


Are you tired of wearing “busy-ness” and “stress” like a badge of honor?


Are you over tying your value to the validation and acceptance of others?


Do you constantly wonder whether you could ever truly be happy in the skin your in?


Don't you KNOW you were meant for more??

I totally understand, because I've been there.

The good news is that there is a way out! The answers you are looking for are right there, and I'm here to help you find them


If we haven't met yet, I'm Kelsey!

a certified personal leadership & life coach

Born with a giant congenital nevus, I have always struggled with topics such as confidence, self love, self acceptance, and self worth. After having 17 surgeries to remove and reconstruct the right side of my face, my journey to learning to love my scars has been both the most challenging and rewarding adventure of my life. I have had to explore what it means to be truly confident, and learn to embrace my biggest insecurities with courage and self compassion. 

Now, I support beautiful women like you to become the self-confidence woman you have always dreams of.  I truly believe any one with the right tools, support, and commitment to themselves can make this their reality too!

I love nothing more than to be the support that I never had, and to help you build a life that allows you to BLOOM with confidence & authenticity!

A Course in Confidence & Authenticity 


Eight (8) Weekly Live Calls (a 1800€ Value!) 

These 90-minute weekly group video calls will be packed full of guided meditations, journaling prompts, thought provoking questions, deep conversations, and personalized coaching support from a certified life coach LIVE and in real time.

Replays of each live call

In case you miss the live session or want to refer back to it.

Complementary 1:1 coaching session to be used at anytime during or after the course (a 250€ value)

To get more clarity and focus on your particular challenges around confidence and authenticity, or to dive deeper into a topic.

A WhatsApp Community with direct access to me inside the group (a 450€ value!)

This is your space to share your wins & struggles with an amazing support network of like minded women on the same journey. You will develop deep, authentic relationships and get support and accountability from myself and your peers!

a toolbox of helpful resources (a 349€ value!)

Workbook and Links to books, vlogs, podcasts, playlists and more!

FREE & LIFETIME access to the BLOOM Confidence Course - once available (a 449€ value!)

Once the official BLOOM Confidence Course is launched, as a part of the first co-hort, you will get access to the full online course for FREE!

The value for this program is well over 3000€ and full of community & support 

Valuable community, accountability + support that could be yours for only 799€!


The program will last for 8 weeks, beginning September 2024

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the program.

Week 1

Foundations of confidence

Explore what confidence is beyond the beauty, botox, and brands, and lean into self love and compassion

Week 2

Owning your strengths

Identify and celebrate your unique strengths, and learn/practice how to cultivate new strengths

Week 3

Overcoming perfectionism

Learn to embrace imperfection and manage self doubt by building resilience & self-compassion practice

Week 4

Stepping into self trust

Reconnect with your intuition and understand the anatomy of courage

Week 5

Authenticity & living in alignment

How do confidence & authenticity relate, and explore whether your lifestyle choices are really in line with your values

Week 6

Authentic & assertive communication

Explore authentic expression and learn how to communicate your needs, wants and desires unapologetically

Week 7

Building authentic relationships

Learn how to step into vulnerability & build your authenticity tribe

Week 8

Time to BLOOM!

Be witnessed in your commitment to confidence & authenticity!


Program Investment

Pending application approval, you can get started on your journey for


For 4 months

Or save €100 when you pay in full

What my clients are saying…

Sonja, Germany

"Working with Kelsey has been a truly transformative experience. Before our sessions, I constantly doubted myself and struggled with low self-esteem. Throughout our coaching, I learned to recognize and challenge my negative thought patterns about myself and begin to transform them into kinder, more compassionate stories about myself. Kelsey also game me practical tools and techniques to build my confidence gradually."

Hannah, UK

" I spent years trying to fit into molds that didn't suit me, always feeling like an imposter. Through our sessions,  Kelsey helped me understand and embrace my own uniqueness as an introvert, and helped me become a more confident leader in my organiasation. Her empathetic approach and unwavering support allowed me to explore my true self in a safe space. Today, I feel liberated and more confident than ever. I’m proud of who I am and comfortable showing my true colors to the world." 

Lisa, USA

"Before working with Kelsey, I was constantly battling self-doubt and insecurity. I had a hard time asserting myself and often felt overshadowed in social and professional settings .Kelsey helped me uncover the root causes of my lack of confidence and provided me with actionable strategies to overcome them. Through our strengths and values work, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my needs, and I learned to trust myself more. Now, I am proud to say that I am a confident, authentic individual who embraces every opportunity with enthusiasm."


Who is this program for?

BLOOM is for any and all women who want to live a more confident and authentic life! I’ve guided artists, designers, teachers, writers, doctors, corporate 9-5’ers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs all through an incredibly transformative experience in CC. The breakthroughs, takeaways, and tools inside this program are valuable no matter where you are in life or business.

When will we start?

Applications open to the public starting June 1, 2024. (You’ll be hearing from me if your application is selected!) The early bird pricing will end July 31, 2024, and our first week for both the online and the hybrid cohorts begin the week of September 29, 2024 , and wrap up the week of November 17, 2024 (Subject to shift based on participant's calendars).

Is there an in-person option?

YES! if you are based in and around Munich, I will be offering a hybrid option for you to be able to connect with other like-minded women in person. We will met in person for the first session, at the midway point (week 5) and on the final BLOOM graduation day!

Will this course be in English or German?

This course will be given primarily in English, however due to the bilingual nature of many of my clients there is always a lot of flexibility throughout to the course to do things in your native language! 


Is this course open to people outside of Germany?


YES! the online cohort is made for those who are not based locally in Munich, or need the added flexibility of fully remote. 
When will the weekly calls take place?

The exact dates and times will be coordinated with your other co-hort members to ensure it is a convenient time for all those involved. I’ll send out a call schedule at the beginning of the program so you can mark your calendars! Calls typically take place in the evenings from 6:30-8pm CET. Should a call need to be rescheduled, I will do my best to let you know at least 24 hours in advance.

What if I can't make the live calls?

Shit, life happens. While I’ll be taking attendance and the calls are where the magic happens, the call recordings will be sent out after, and you can rewatch them at anytime. I’ll also be in and out of the WhatsApp group multiple times a week to answer your questions and provide additional support.

What happens after eight weeks?

You get to take your new skills and relationships with you and continue the transformation in the wild! 😉 Your investment includes forever access to the module lessons + updates, resources, and student dashboard. I am always available for 1:1 coaching to continue the transformation process

Do you guarantee results?

Yes… and no. You’re going to get out what you put in. While I believe 100% in what I’m sharing and my student's abilities, I don't guarantee results, as those are ultimately up to you. Should you be unhappy with your results, and you can prove you put in the work and completed the assigned coursework, I am happy to provide a credit for the cost of the program to be discounted from 1:1 personal coaching.

Will this be offered again in the future?

I only open this exclusive + intimate program ONCE this year! If you’re ready for life-changing interactive coaching and group support, there’s no better time to invest in yourself than now. Because I have a Kleingewebe (small business) I am not required to charge VAT, but will need to begin to charge VAT starting in 2025. This is a huge advantage to you in keeping the cost low. Additionally, because the program only keeps getting better + better, this is the lowest price it will ever be.

Do you have a payment plan?

YUP - a couple, actually! I am more than happy to be flexible with your desired payment plans. If you would like to spread your payment over fewer or more months, just let me know once your application is accepted and we can work something out. Payment is not requested or required until your application has been approved. 


That's great! I want you to make empowered investment decisions! Send me a DM on Instagram @kelseywesleycoaching or email me at with all your questions! I'm more than happy to help you make an empowered decision and determine whether this program is right for you.

BLOOM: A Course in Confidence & Authenticity only opens ONCE this year, and many spots are already waitlisted.

If you are still reading this, it's because you already feel a YES for this experience.

The only thing left to do is make the commitment.

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