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Group & Team Coaching

Group therapy

Group & Team Coaching

Group & Team Coaching approaches coaching from a community and collective wisdom perspective. Group & Team Coaching programs leverage the strength of shared experiences by foster a supportive environment where individuals can learn, grow, and achieve their goals together. Through a blend of expert guidance, interactive discussions, and personalized strategies, my programs provide a holistic approach to self-discovery and development for individuals and companies alike

What is Group Coaching?

For more information on upcoming Group Coaching Programs, please reach out to me directly:

Group coaching is a unique and effective approach that brings individuals together to explore personal and professional development in a communal setting. Each program fosters a sense of community, encouraging participants to share insights, learn from one another, and navigate challenges as a cohesive unit.

Whether you're seeking personal empowerment, career advancement, or enhanced well-being, group coaching provides a platform for shared goals and mutual encouragement in a vibrant community setting. It allows you to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and harness the strength of diverse perspectives.  Embrace the power of group coaching and unlock your full potential with the support of a community dedicated to your success.

Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • Affordability and scalability by enabling a group of people to be coached at the same time.

  • Can be delivered online or in person.

  • Individuals are working towards a common goal or purpose, and can share their experience

  • The feeling of community support 

  • Diverse perspective and insights around a similar topic

Group Coaching is different from Team Coaching. In Group Coaching the group comes together to support one another with a common topic or experience. In Team Coaching the individuals on a team typically work together with a shared goal or purpose, but are often focused on different topics. 

Team coaching is a palce where collaboration transcends boundaries and propels a team towards success. Team Coaching programs are designed to elevate group dynamics, foster effective communication, and optimize collective performance.

The sessions focus primarily on team dynamics, and provide a tailored approach to addressing challenges unique to group environments in a corporate setting. 


Whether you're part of a corporate team, sports squad, or any collective striving for greatness, our Team Coaching sessions empower you to navigate complexities, enhance collaboration, and achieve collective goals.

Benefits of my Team Coaching: 

  • A true team coaching approach – experience, realism, pragmatism, honesty, equality and respect, with a robust mix of support and challenge

  • A programme that is adapted to meet the specific needs of your organisation and your team

  • Building on strengths and encouraging solution focussed thinking

  • Fast-paced, time-efficient and energising

  • Agreed, achievable and measurable actions and outcomes

What is
Team Coaching? 

For more information on upcoming Team Coaching offerings, please reach out to me directly:

Green and Purple Succulents
"Working with Kelsey helped me find a more structured way to not only to recognise how I'm feeling in a difficult moment, but how to address my challenge in the way that works for me."

- Nathelly, 30, Innovation Specialist

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